George Prentzas

What’s Up

By Cosmote

My Role

Art Direction,

Concept, Copywriting


  • Ogilvy

Creative Director

  • Andreas Panagakis


  1. Sakis Stefanopoulos
  2. Ioanna Kanellia
  3. Aliki Petachti


The previous video is my first attempt in Ogilvy to write a script for a triplet of videos for the main product "Student" of What's Up. The result was unexpected for me because those triplet of videos earn an Ermis Bronze award in 2017.

Selected Social Media Post


What happen when you mix the hottest trappers in Greece with classical music.

The story

What’s Up is Greece’s most prominent pay-as-you-go service, targeted at young people. In order to cement this image, we created 9 funny videos with famous Greek trappers reciting their songs’ lyrics under the sounds of classical music.

The videos became instantly viral.