George Prentzas


Thermos Campaign

Agency: 4Wise Monkeys

My Role: Art Direction, Concept

Copywriter: Ivy Psilogianni

Associate Creative Director: Katerina Dimitrakopoulou

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Spec for Another Circus

The Famous Grouse

Mobile activation microsite

Agency: 4 Wise Monkeys

My Role: UI/UX & Web Design

Zen Garden Apps

Branding (Non Selected Designs)

Agency: Another Circus

Creative Director: Nassos Apolonatos

My Role: Art Direction, Design

Omninow App

Personal Project Application & Branding


In the OMNINOW logotype we witness a constant flow between the letters in the middle (N, I, N).

This flow is used to symbolize the incessant calculation of the data in real-time and the typography stays true to that same concept respectively.

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The App: The users sign up/log in in the app. They see the homepage where they can start their experience. A starting point connected with their location appear on a map, where in live time they can see where they are. When they start the experience, the app measures time of the activity, speed, distance, longitude, latitude. When the users tap the finish CTA, they have the results of their activity, that they can export them and compare them with previous activities.

The whole activity time, the app record it, so the users can share it with their friends on their social media or in the app’s dashboard.

E-learning Platform

Personal Project


Contest Landing Page

Agency: 4 Wise Monkeys

My Role: Art Direction, UI/UX Design

Stoiximan / Betano

Sportsbook Campaign 2019

Agency: Another Circus

My Role: Art Director, Designer

Creative Director: Nassos Apolonatos